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VMware Horizon DaaS powered by Cloudhelix’s high-performance shared cloud platform.
Deploy premium desktop experiences at scale without the hassle.

Why Desktop as a Service?
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Corporate technology teams need to cater for global,
multi-device workforces while managing organisational security risks and proving compliance.

VMware's Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution, Horizon DaaS, offers a purpose-built platform to solve this challenge.

With the software handled by VMware's enterprise-grade solution, and the infrastructure handled by our fully managed shared cloud platform, your organisation has a robust, scalable and secure means of delivering premium desktop experiences globally.

Manage users from the data centre through to the end device without worrying about the infrastructure – we'll look after that for you.

The benefits of hosted desktops

Deliver apps to any device

Easily scale and provision desktops

Fully managed infrastructure

Starting at £30 per user per month

Organisational benefits

  • Enable and manage BYOD at scale
  • Allow any device (Windows, Mac, Linux, Apple, Android)
  • Dramatically cut costs of delivering desktops in-house
  • Scale and flex desktops to meet changing demands
  • Deliver intensive applications, such as Adobe Photoshop and CAD
  • Stop investing in specialist computers and graphics processors
  • Manage access to company-owned assets and IP
  • Identity and access management.

Infrastructure benefits

  • No expensive hardware to buy, configure and manage
  • Migrate previously on-premise infrastructure into the cloud
  • Extensive infrastructure management included as standard
  • A range of desktop sizes to suit all requirements,
    including bespoke configurations
  • UK-based, Tier 3 data centres
  • NVMe storage as standard
  • Monitor and control your resources
  • Flexible contract terms.

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"The familiarity that Cloudhelix have of our infrastructure and network means we have real confidence in asking anything to be done. The maintenance of our cloud platforms is superb, offering resilience and flexibility."

Service Support Team Leader at a Major Retail Company

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Desktop as a Service features and benefits

Slash costs

Building a dedicated platform for VDI is expensive and complex. By utilising Desktop as a Service from Cloudhelix, you get a fixed per desktop pricing model that works out a lot cheaper than building your own platform. Simple, predictive billing with contract terms starting at only 12 months.

Accelerate time to value

By utilising a shared cloud platform for DaaS, we can drastically reduce the time it takes to get your organisation live. We can move from trialling to onboarding real users in no time at all, helping you deliver digital transformation efficiently.

Managed infrastructure

Providing extensive infrastructure management up to the OS as standard, we leave you to focus on your organisation, its applications and end-user experiences rather than the underlying technology.

Unbeatable performance

By using the best tools for the job at all levels of the technology stack, and offering generously sized desktops as standard, we guarantee fast, stable experiences for all end users. We also have a range of desktop sizes and customisation options available, including GPU enabled desktops.

Super secure

Move away from hosting on-site and utilise our UK-based Tier 3 data centres. We're ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accredited and can guarantee data sovereignty.

Enterprise Integration

VMware technology makes it easy for IT to integrate cloud-hosted desktops and apps into the existing corporate environment, utilising your Active Directory and corporate application/ file services, simplifying setup and management.


We're best known for our hands-on consultation and complex project delivery. In fact, our shared DaaS platform was built off the back of solving one client's organisational challenges.

Our core platform was built to serve critical applications, and its this level of performance and reliability that you can expect from your virtual desktop environment.

To get a feel for what it's like to work with us, why not start a free trial today? This will give you a flavour of the platform and what it's like to work with our Cloud Architects, who will be on-hand with input and advice via your dedicated Slack channel.


Our Desktop as a Service solution comes with the infrastructure fully managed, with 24x7x365 support from our expert team of Third Line Cloud Architects.

Get rid of costly in-house infrastructure and on-premise hosting in favour of a simple, cloud solution for desktops, enabling SaaS-like ease and flexibility.

Our managed service includes OS licensing, OS management, OS and hypervisor patching, quarterly penetration tests and more.


While DaaS works well for any organisation, there are certain use cases and scenarios where it can prove very useful...

  • Providing secure access for remote and contract employees
  • Enabling bring your own device (BYOD)
  • Rapid onboarding during mergers and acquisitions
  • Ensuring compliance in highly regulated industries


Desktop as a Service from Cloudhelix utilises our NVMe-powered managed cloud platform running Horizon DaaS over the top. This means its SaaS simple for you to deliver a robust desktop solution at scale, with no additional infrastructure for your organisation to manage.

We offer generously-sized desktops as standard, ranging from 4vCPU with 8GB RAM up to 8vCPU with 16GB RAM + vGPU.

During your trial, we'll let you try out various desktop sizes so you can work out what's best for you. The service is priced at a per-desktop rate, making for simple, fixed billing that's easily scaled when required.

High-performance hosting to support insolvency services

FRP Advisory are one of the UK’s largest business advisory consultancies. Their IT teams are constantly ingesting infrastructure while advisory services are carried out, meaning they need a reliable platform that can run any workload.

Utilising our private cloud plaform, FRP have an environment secure and robust enough to carry out forensic analysis on highly sensitive client data. They can now complete batch processes that previously took a day in two hours and deploy applications faster and easier to keep up with demand. Ultimately, the platform assists FRP in delivering more client projects.

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