Application Replatforming

We replatform and refactor applications into containers and microservices.

This helps you maximise your development investments, unlock application portability and transform your approach to infrastructure.

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Application Replatforming

Make the most of your application investments

Applications grow and change over time. As this happens, they naturally get more complex, both in terms of how they function and what's required of its supporting infrastructure.

Eventually, old, monolithic or legacy applications built in this way reach a breaking point caused by performance, stability or cost.

By restructuring the code base into smaller, more manageable chunks, we help you overcome operational challenges while enabling infinite scale, reducing hosting costs and speeding up the development cycle.

Talk to us and find out how we can transform your application today.

Replatforming projects are big and disruptive for development teams, which is why we take legacy applications off your hands to bring them into the 21st century. Talk to us today and let's see how much time and money we can save your business by breathing a new lease of life into old, cumbersome yet business-critical software.

We start by getting to know your application and how it supports your business – by getting under the skin of its very purpose and how your teams interact with it it gives us the most scope to craft an innovative solution.

Beyond the initial discovery, we'll feedback with our recommendations and how well suited your applications are to a full-blown cloud-native migration.

While keeping the application in production, we then decouple it, refactor the code and systematically work through the application, moving towards a fully containerised, cloud-native app, taking full advantage of modern ways of working.

Almost any application can be migrated to the cloud, it just depends on how cloud native

In the case that an application isn't suited to the full, cloud-native treatment, we'll outline the minimum changes needed to get the application up and running on the cloud, avoiding a complete rebuild.

The public cloud is brilliant for public-facing and unpredictable workloads including...

  • Websites and content management systems
  • Data analytics
  • Web and mobile applications
  • Relational databases
  • Storage and content delivery.

However, this is just the start. Beyond generic use cases, each of the big three public clouds have their own strengths. Talk to us today to learn which platform might suit your project best.

We’re best known for carrying our complex cloud migrations, hosting critical workloads and replatforming applications.

It's these big change projects that are a real challenge for internal teams to deliver, which is where we can add serious value.

Over the years, we've been involved in a number of replatforming projects, assisting startups looking to disrupt whole industries through to software companies looking to make the most of applications written in the 1980's.

You can expect us to be flexible and dilligent with unrivalled technical knowledge, which is just what you need for a replatforming project.

Deploy anywhere, we'll manage it


Public cloud

Your global, public cloud provider of choice, plus the care, attention and hands-on management of our Cloud Architects. We can help you choose AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform based on your requirements.

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Get the benefits of the cloud on-premise. A private cloud in a box solution that's built and finetuned to your requirements. We can build, ship and deploy this to any global location in just 30 days.

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Private cloud

The flexibility of the cloud with added security and performance, hosted privately in Cloudhelix Data Centres using high-performance hardware. Extensively managed by our third line-only support team.

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Replatforming in action

When we moved our portal, it was a big risk. We were told by Cloudhelix there wouldn’t be any downtime and, come Monday morning, our big clients were back up and running. They wouldn’t have even known we’d moved data centres. It was that straight forward.

Turnkey’s business-critical application, IPS, which is used by over 94% of the UK’s insolvency practitioners, is supported by the Cloudhelix on our Private Cloud Platform.